Reincarnation Course

Reincarnation Course
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I first discovered these Truths out of frustration of the apparent inequalities and sufferings around the world under the watch of a “loving God”.  How could He let this be?  Without understanding of the Laws that govern our Universe and Planet, it will never “seem” fair; but we are told by Jesus NOT to judge by appearances but to judge instead righteous judgement, John 7:24.

The only real mental hurdle given you by all naysayers that you will have to deal with starting out is Hebrews 9:27.  Be sure to at least read the Lesson that will show the diligent Seeker that Hebrews 9:27 Does Not Disprove Reincarnation:  Click Here for that one Lesson

This is a resource for open minded individuals Led to explore the facts, myths and misconceptions about reincarnation. For most Christians, they have been taught by well-meaning clergy that it is blasphemy to believe in Reincarnation, even though many of them know better. I am not attempting to convince or persuade anyone who is not ready the Learn the Truths presented here.  One of the Greatest Gifts of the Holy Spirit is to not allow us to SEE too much to soon.

This is a resource for the person who is being called by GOD to know the truth about themselves and their spiritual destiny. The truth is so fantastic and encouraging that, once it is understood, it makes it possible for stronger spiritual growth to be Quickened.